The Capital Area Insurance Professionals association (CAIP) is an organization of insurance claims professionals dedicated to the pursuit of professionalism in the insurance industry through education, networking, and industry alliance. CAIP members represent all types and lines of insurance throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The CAIP Membership program was designed to welcome and recognize those businesses and individuals interested in partnering with CAIP.

We will be have a strict membership ratio limit (51% insurance professional, 49% merchant partner-vendor) and we will keep this mix at all times.  There will be a waiting list for merchant partners should it be needed to keep the ratio.

We will also be enforcing a strict soliciting protocol at all meetings. Merchant Partner members will be allowed to introduce themselves at meetings, give or get a card from an industry professional, and then make an appointment at a later date.  We are asking that there be NO sales spiels pushing Level 1 members away.  This association is for education and networking, not pushy sales call.  These rules will be reflected in our By Laws.

CAIP offers two levels of individual membership:  

LEVEL 1 - Insurance Claims Professionals:

Any claim department head, supervisor, claims representative/examiner, house counsel, or independent claims representatives primarily engaged in the handling, investigating &/or settling of insurance claims on behalf of Insurance Companies, Independent Adjusters, TPA's, Self-Insureds, Public Utility Companies, and Government Agencies shall be eligible for membership. If you don’t participate in meetings over the course of one year, your membership will be forfeited and you will need to rejoin.

                                                                         One Time Membership Fee: $0

 • LEVEL 2 -  Insurance Related (Vendors) Professionals:

Those individuals who service the Insurance Professionals {as described above} by way of expert knowledge & advice are eligible for membership. These individuals must exhibit that they are principally engaged in furthering the interests of the Insurance Industry & that Insurance Professionals retain their services. Ie: Defense attorneys, Physicians, Nurse case managers, Merchant Partners (Vendors), Medical services/Restoration/Investigation etc.

Membership Fee: $125 per year (Jan through Dec) Gives your company 1 membership. 

(It will cost $125 for each additional member from a particular company)

All Meetings are FREE for Level 1 paid claims professionals

$30.00 for Level 2 merchant partner members

$40.00 for non-members

Checks can be sent to Capital Area Insurance Professionals (please make them payable to the Capital Area Insurance Professionals) at 3300 N. 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110)